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Business Continuity Planning against risks, no matter how far-fetched they may be is a necessity in today’s age of information and technology.  Planning for a catastrophe before it happens--IF it happens--is good business. Cloud Services There are several types of Cloud based services--hosted services delivered over the Internet.  You can have as much or as little as you need or want. Which one is right for  you? Network Support  You dont need it every day but when you do need it, you need it now.  Cloud Nine Office monitors your network to avert trouble before it starts.  Technical Support We are also available for you when you have questions or have problems with your computer.  We are only an email or phone call away. Hosted Exchange Email Email when you want it, how you want it. You can access your email through an email application such as Outlook and over the internet, anytime you need access to emails.


Which one is right for you?

Your Checklist:

Software as a Service (SAS) Available Tech Support Data and Network Security Availability to Grow & Expand Economical & Budget Friendly Data Backup and Recovery

Virtual Servers &


Technology that allows servers and storage devices to be shared across multiple platforms and environments. More cost effective and streamlined use of resources and energy as well as fewer compatibility issues. Data Access From Anywhere Access you files and documents no matter where you are: office, home or on the road.
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Having all the tools is good but you need to know how to use them.  Information, documentation and user training on how to effectively use the tools we provide are available to you online, one on one instruction or in a group setting.